About the Journal

This journal contains textual studies and field studies with various perspectives on Islamic economics, Islamic banking, Islamic finance, and others. The demand for publications by the higher education academic community has had a significant impact on academics' awareness of the importance of conducting studies, research and writing scientific papers. The development of scientific work in Indonesia is relatively better, especially since the implementation of government regulations requiring undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students to write articles in scientific journals as a prerequisite for graduation. Academics are of course increasingly required to actively write in scientific journals, both at the nationally accredited level and in reputable international journals.

In this way, Indonesian and non-Indonesian scholars have enriched the research published in the journal. Although not from the start, Maslahah has presented quality scientific articles, starting from improving the format, style and academic quality. Now with articles written in Indonesian, Arabic and English and with fair peer-review procedures, Zhafir continues to publish research and studies related to Islamic economic studies with various dimensions and approaches.

Zhafir: Journal of Islamic Economics, Finance, and Banking, which is published twice a year, always places Islam and Muslims as the main focus of academic inquiry and invites comprehensive observations of Islam as a theological belief and system of society and Muslims for those who practice this religion. . This journal, which functions as a forum for Islamic studies in Indonesia and other parts of the world in dealing with local and global contexts, supports studies that focus on specific themes and Islamic economic studies. Zhafir becomes a medium for the diffusion and exchange of ideas and research findings, so that researchers, writers and readers from various learning traditions interact with each other scientifically.